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If you are a permanent resident, who already has a Permanent Resident Card (Green Card), but lost it, or it was stolen, destroyed, then you have to replace it. Also, if your Green Card expires soon, you will need to apply for renewal. The form I-90 ( is only to replace or renew the Green Card. You also need to file this form if you legally changed your name, your Green Card contains any incorrect information, or you never got the Green Card after the USCIS shipped it. Once you apply for naturalization, you need to have a valid unexpired Green Card as well.

It is not for conditional permanent residents. If you have your Green Card for two years because of the marriage with a US citizen and it is time to remove the conditions, you have to submit an I-751 form. 

You can file the I-90 form 6 months prior to your current card expiration date. You can submit an application online or by paper. To submit it online, you need to open an account on the USCIS website. 

The applicant should always check the filing fee and remember about the biometric fee. The total amount depends on the reason for this application. For example, the applicant pays $0 if the USCIS issued the Green Card with incorrect information, and $540.00 – if the card has been lost.


After the USCIS received the application and sent the receipt notice, which would automatically extend the current card. But this notice should say the exact number of months your Green Card is valid. If you did not receive such notice for any reason, you can file an online inquiry and request a new one. The USCIS will also schedule a fingerprint appointment and mail a separate notice.

If the applicant wants to travel with the expired Green Card abroad and the current application is pending, it is better to consult with your attorney and contact the USCIS. The applicant may be required to get an additional document to enter the US or get the Alien Documentation, Identification, and Telecommunications stamp (ADIT).

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