Change of Address while waiting for immigration interview or court hearing.

Can I move whenever I want? Do I need to change the address? Can I keep my previous address but live at a different location? Every immigrant who is going to move to a different place has such questions.

The USCIS asks all immigrants to change their address officially if they have any pending form with the USCIS. The applicant should inform the USCIS about his/her new address within 10 (ten) days. 

The applicant has three ways to update the address:

The applicants need to update the address on time to make sure they will receive all correspondence and avoid delays related to any application.

If the applicant has pending cases with the USCIS and EOIR, the applicant needs to submit separate requests to update the address at the USCIS and EOIR. The USCIS and EOIR have different forms to update the address. Here is the EOIR official link to download the form based on the applicant’s location: It is always better to ask your attorney to complete and submit such forms.

At the same time, the applicant can request a Forward Mail via USPS. It is not the same as USCIS or EOIR. The applicant still needs to update the address at the USCIS and EOIR, but the USPS will transfer all the mail from the previous location to a new one for a specific time. Submitting the Mail Forward Request will help the applicant receive all mail while the USCIS completes the request.

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