Affidavit of Support to Sponsor a Visa Applicant

There are different affidavits of support: form I-864 and form I-134. What is the difference and why do you need to submit the affidavit of support? 

Form I-864 is required when the applicant filed a family petition (I-130 form) and the beneficiary will have an interview for an immigrant visa and will receive a Permanent Resident Card (Green Card) in the future. An immigrant visa means the beneficiary will reside in the USA. 

Form I-134 may be required for a non-immigrant visa, for example, or a tourist B2 visa. This means the individual will visit the USA but will not live here, and is not going to apply for a Green Card. This is the case where a foreign national wants to apply for such a tourist visa and maybe his friend or family member is in the USA and is ready to help him/her. In this case, the foreign national can ask them to provide him/her with the I-134 form. Basically, it can help, but not guarantee to get the visa. The sponsor needs to complete this form about himself/herself, the beneficiary (his/her family status, place of residence). Sometimes, people do not want to share their personal information about assets, property value, savings, and salary. This form must be fully completed, otherwise, the foreign national may be denied the visa. The main idea of this form is that the foreign national will not become a public charge after he/she arrives in the USA. Once the sponsor signed the I-134 form, he/she guarantees that he/she is responsible for the beneficiary (his/her any emergency and other expenses in the USA) and also guarantees that the foreign national will depart after his/her authorized stay in the USA. 

The sponsor should submit the following documents with the I-134 form:

  1. Bank statement or report from any other financial institution with deposits and date, when the account was opened, the total amount for the past year, and current balance.
  2. Statement or any certificate to confirm the present employer with the following details: date, nature, and status of employment, salary.
  3. If the sponsor is self-employed, then he/she will need to provide the last income tax return or report of commercial rating concern. List containing serial numbers and denominations of bonds and name of record owner(s). (

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