Green Card for Two Years


A green card which is valid only for two years is called a conditional permanent resident card (conditional green card). An individual who has a permanent resident card (green card) for 2 years needs to file a petition to remove those conditions. This happens when the applicant has a permanent resident status through marriage with the US citizen or permanent resident, or was admitted to the US as a fiancé(e) and later on, married to the US citizen. The marriage was less than two years when the USCIS granted the status. 

The USCIS will not extend the green card automatically. The applicant should file a petition I-751 Form, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence ( 90 days prior to the expiration of the current green card. If the applicant does not apply on time, the applicant risks losing their status.

The applicant should file the petition together with his/her spouse, but there are some exceptions, such as a spouse’s death, cruelty by your spouse, divorce, extreme hardship, etc. In this case, the applicant should submit additional documents, and it is always a good idea to hire an immigration attorney, who can help with your case.


In general, the applicant will need to submit form I-751, the correct fee amount, a copy of his/her green card (both sides), birth certificates of children born in this marriage, joint lease or mortgage contract, bank accounts, loans, utility bills, tax returns, health or car insurances, and other documents that prove this marriage was in “good faith”, at least two affidavits from people who personally know both of you and about your marriage. The applicant may need to send additional documents, it all depends on his/her case. If any of the documents are not in English, the applicant has to provide a complete English translation with a translator’s signature and certification of translation. If any of the documents are not available, the applicant needs to request a certified copy or submit a statement, or provide any additional documents.

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