New USCIS Asylum Office in Tampa

The USCIS announced the opening of a new asylum office in Florida, scheduled to opened on August 2. This will be the eleventh one in the country and the second asylum office in Florida (the first one is located in Miami). The new office is in Tampa and will help the Miami office to divide the workload.

Now, Florida has a quarter of the whole national pending asylum cases. The new USCIS asylum office is also ready to make decisions in emergency cases faster than it had before. 

The Tampa asylum office will review asylum applications from individuals in Western and Northern Florida and some central parts of Florida. The Miami Asylum Office continues to review asylum applications from individuals in Southern and central parts of Florida.

Asylum interviews are conducted by appointment only. The office will be temporary until they complete a permanent facility (expected in the spring of 2022). 

The Tampa Asylum Office, located at 5524 W Cypress St, Suite B, Tampa, FL 33607,

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